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What HCG Does


Dr. Simeon learned about the success to weight loss with HCG; the hormone is responsible for targeting fat, and telling your metabolism to act on that fat, before it builds up in your system. He found this miracle solution in Italy, and administered injections in the 1950s, to help people lose the weight. It helps both men and women burn fat, and target fat, when trying to lose weight.

In Pounds and Inches he noted: "Obesity is a malfunction in the body, which results in fat buildup. Weight gain is caused in those who have this disorder, due to the fact that they consume more fat, and calories."

When he discovered HCG, he opened a clinic in Rome; at that time, he was only able to administer the HCG via injection. Today, there are drops you can use; they not only are more effective since they enter your system faster, they are portable, easy to use, painless, and with only three drops a day, much cheaper than the initial injections that were used.

A 500 calorie a day plan is suggested with the HCG, which is low in starch and sugar, and eliminates refined and processed foods and calories. But, on only 500 calories a day, won't people get hungry? Thanks to the HCG drops you take, no. They will replace calories you would be consuming in the form of food, so your body will feel full, even though you are not consuming any calories; this in turn results in more weight loss, and will happen in a shorter period of time as well.

Today, dieters no longer have to go to a clinic for injections; with the HCG drop, they can administer it themselves, from the comfort of their home, 3 times a day. With the drops, the dieter will also get a larger dose of the HCG, since it enters their bloodstream right away, which means it will work faster, and promote more weight loss. Using the drops 3 times a day, and placing them below the tongue, will give the same, if not better results, than the initial injections that were used by Dr. Simeons, when trying to help dieters lose the excess weight they wanted to lose.

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