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Success Stories

With our HCG drops, not only do people lose the weight, but they actually let us know about it. We have had so many powerful and positive messages from people's whose lives have changed, just by adding the HCG drops we sell as a part of their lifestyle. Here we are going to share some of these success stories, the struggles people have gone through, and the results they finally attained when they chose our HCG drops. All stories are sent in by dieters, about their journey and the weight they have lost.

1. P. Beltran: "Since starting a second phase, I only require a limited supply, and was writing in to find out if I was still able to get the discount. I also want to say I have done the 45 day plan and lost 45 pounds in a short time. Although I gained back 10 pounds, I am trying to get rid of the last 15, so I can lose 50, in a short 6 to 7 month period of time. I would like to say thank you for the great product, and assistance with realizing my goals."

2. Jim: "I have lost 112 pounds since starting in June."

3. Bill: "My wife and I are on the program together; I have lost 41 pounds in 45 days, and although she had a stroke a few years back, she is losing. She looks better than she has in years, as do I. I plan on starting another set of the 45 day plan; I have a set goal weight of 220, and am currently at 224, so will probably surpass it. I have tried everything, and nothing has worked this well; thank you for the great product, and the HCG that has helped me and my wife change our lives in a short period of time."

4. Edwin: "Thank you for changing my life. With the vitamin b 12 included, your HCG drops are much better than any other product that is available on the market. I am 44, 6'1'', and weigh 325 pounds; I first thought 2 rounds of the 90 days would help me reach my goal. I am ready to order again. I have tried everything in the past, from Jenny Craig to Nutrisystem and all other diets, all ending in failure; thank you for this great product that has truly changed me, and given me my life back."

5. Craig: " After recently having twins, I want to make a change; they are 14 months now, and I live in FL where I have a demanding job as a manager. Two office workers informed me of the HCG drops and success they had; I decided to give in and order, and after only one week of using the drops, I have lost a total of 22 pounds. At the end of the 45 days, I had lost 50.1 pounds, and am currently weighing in at 2386.; not only that, I also went from a size 48 waist, down to a 40 pant size. My jacket went from a 56 to a size 48, and my neck size from 19.5 is down to a 17.5 size as well. Thank you for the great drops, and for a fresh new start."

6. Jessica: "I haven't felt this great in so long, not only is the weight down, but my diabetes is also controlled. From 300 my blood sugar range is down to about the 87 range, where it should be. This is all after one week of using your HCG drops; I am not sure if I will order a second round. I am considering the traditional approach, but if it is not working, I will surely give in and order a second round of the HCG drops. I also want to send in before and after photos. Not only did you help me lose the weight, I would also like to thank you for helping save my life and get things back on track. I changed the direction I was going in, and have a new outlook on my life."

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