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HCG Maintenance Drops

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Product Description

Relapse can happen to anyone after weight loss; this is why HCG synergy is here to help. Once you lose the weight, which is the easy part for most, maintenance is the tough part. Not only will this help to keep you on track, it will also give you the boost you need, to stay on track, and keep up the good work, after you have put in so much to lose the weight.

You get the energy boost, but no added jitters. And, the appetite suppressant will help you stay on the low calorie diet, even after the weight loss has occurred, so you do not quickly put on too many calories at once, which is going to result in more weight gain. With the metabolism boost, you will also keep burning more calories, so that you do not put the weight on.

Benefits of use:
Better digestive health, max energy levels each day, and suppressing your appetite, are some of the HCG synergy benefits. This will help you stay on track when you are trying to maintain the weight you have lost. It will also help to keep you focused, so that you do not go back to your old habits, which is something that is simple for anyone to do, once they have lost the weight, and are no longer trying to diet to help them keep it off.

Our products are made in the US, in our FDA registered labs. This guarantees precision and safety, and exact standards in developing the drops. No fillers or added ingredients are placed in the drops, and with the best ingredients, the HCG drops are meant to help you realize the results you want to see, when trying to lose the weight, but also keep it off.

Thiamine, vitamins B, B 12, C, and other ingredients are involved in the creation of the product. Some additional ingredients are:

  • Folate for cell creation. 
  • Chromium to help suppress the appetite. 
  • Inositol gives a boost of energy. 
  • Yerba mate and green tea extract also help to suppress the appetite. 
  • Guarana produces more energy. 
  • Commiphora helps battle obesity and guggul extract for cholesterol levels. 
  • For digestion, maltodextrin is added. 
  • L argyne helps with muscle growth, carnitine breaks fat down, L lysine helps build healthy skin. L leusine fights stress, and L anine helps keep blood sugar regulated. 
  • Bacterial fighting is done by potassium benzoate, L cystine helps keep antioxidant levels at the appropriate level. For smooth skin, l proline is added, and l serine metabolizes fat. 

After weight loss, many tend to add too many calories back, too quickly; these HCG drops help fight that. They will keep you focused and on track, and helps keep you active. It is equivalent to 12 cans of energy drinks for more energy, and the added ingredients, like green tea and yerba mate, are also going to help you suppress your appetite, so that early on, you do not bring back too many calories, which can result in putting the weight back on.

Why us?:
All products and HCG we produce is in FDA registered facilities, in the US; additionally, we provide:

  • Free same-day shipping to continental US customers. 
  • No auto billing or recurring billing. 
  • The only guarantee, in the industry, which provides a 90 day return, no questions asked. And, if you are not happy with the results that you are getting, you can return the product, and we will pay you $10 for your troubles. 
  • US made, in FDA registered labs, for exacting standards. 

Advisory: Before use, consult with your doctor to ensure this is the right product for you to use. Also note that we are not making weight loss guarantees, and are not making any guarantees as to how much weight you are going to lose, when you are using our HCG drops and product line.

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