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FDA Registered Labs

Although others claim they produce their HCG in the US, they simply have ingredients shipped in; we guarantee this is not the case when you place an order with us. Our products are made in the US, following exacting standards, and using only the best ingredient blends in the production process, when we are creating the HCG drops you are going to order with us.

We are not only in compliance with cGMP (good manufacturing practices guides), but also with the CFR (code of federal regulations), to ensure the HCG drops we produce are safe for your consumption. They are made in the US, and we follow exact standards when producing the drops that you are going to consume when dieting. In addition to being made in the US, our labs are also registered by the FDA; this means that we follow set standards of safety and that we use the right ingredient blends in the production, when we are making the drops that are you going to consume when you shop with us.

We produce in safe labs and facilities. But, we are not claiming that the FDA has approved of HCG drops, for those who are trying to lose weight and are using it for dietary purposes. Just as most other diet products on the market, our drops are not approved by the FDA; however, unlike most other dietary aids, our products are made in the safest facilities, and are produced for your safe consumption, when you order our HCG drops for diet, and to help with weight loss.

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